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Fire Worshipers e-book

Fire Worshipers is a historical fiction novel, which was written in 2016 by Vladimír OLEJ. It tells the story of the first known king of Slavic peoples, the Frankish arms trader SAMO, who was able to liberate his people and rule them through difficult times of the 7th century AD as the king of Samo's Empire. Where others would most probably fail, he was able to raise an army against an European superpower, Kingdom of the Franks, and prevail.

Title of the book is derived from an ancient connection between humans and fire. From early on it was considered as a gift from gods and its mysticity persisted within and not only Indo- European cultures. Its purpose is to insert the reader into a place and time of bygone ages, where humans were driven not only by reason and emotions, but also beliefs, myths and superstitions. And they couldn’t imagine giving up on their gods.

To summarize it up, this book is about the early Slavic people and their paganism and mythology. It’s about their achievements in a time when human life could end with just a snap of a finger and people waited for a great individual that would lead them to progress.

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The author is looking for someone talented that would illustrate the book. If you're interested you can write here